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We are SO EXCITED to announce the release the fruit of our collaborations! This big, beautiful deck will be released in September at GrandCon in Grand Rapids, MI! Can you name all the characters featured here?

ONE OF MANY PROJECT KEEPING ME SO HAPPY AND SO BUSY! Come visit Kat and I in Septmber at GrandCon to snag yourself one of these awesome decks! 

Hey friends! THE FOX & THE RACCOON is finally happening, and if you’re in Grand Rapids, MI, you can join us at the debut release! Check out THIS BLOG POST on my portfolio site for all the juicy details! 

oh what the heck

have some squishy inking practice

(many projects have me tied up with big-girl work, thanks for hanging around)

i love comics and have always struggled with the desire to make them. i’ll have an artist’s table this year at GrandCon and that combined with a few other things have really pushed me to try and get back into comics, which is a strange thing to say, because i was never really in them to begin with. 

but i suppose the best way to start is just to do it. well, why not?

this is also partially inspired by these wild looking shrubs outside of the front of my house. everyone keeps telling me they need to be pruned and shaped but I love them wild looking. sadly they’re not quite this huge.

some more digital watercolor critters!


this is what we do

cause i know no one wants to miss me and Kat drawn as donuts. 

I’m doing some posters for the local Wildlife Rehabiltation Clinic’s fundraiser and I decided to try and make it look more like traditional watercolors… experiments pending

i’ve always struggled with how to track and time myself with work and art, and i’ve finally found something that really clicks for me for whatever reason: it’s called Toggl, and there’s an app as as well as desktop site (which I primarily use). I like to allot myself about a half hour for warm up sketches. This one took about 37 minutes.

it’s really hot here in Michigan. AND IT IS JUST FANTASTIC. also i cut my bangs too short due to the heat and now they stick up funny.

things i draw during my breaks/downtime, the boys imagined into the Final Fantasy Job classes based on their personalities.

social media is really difficult to manage when you’re a grouchy hermit-hobbit.

#animalcrossing doodles

awesome awesome Robin (who you should check out because her digital painting skills make me weep, also because she makes me laugh till I cry) made me realize I’ve never shown my dog children here, even though their antics make up the majority of my life. yup, above illustration and cooking and all the things that my life is occupied with, these butts kind of take the cake.

1-year old Mickey the American Bulldog on the left, and 7-year old Tucker the Pembroke Welsh Corgi on the right. this is from a photo shoot from Mickey’s recent first birthday, and neither of them were very pleased with the hats, but they are patient creatures. Mickey is your typical bulldog, except he’s 80 lbs and still growing, obsessed with snuggling and flowers, and is the biggest most ridiculous baby in the world. Tucker is diplomatic and commanding, devoted, protective, and extremely patient. he’s also alpha over his rather larger younger brother. Mickey’s favorite movie is Homeward Bound which he sits and watches the whole way through, and Tucker has a long history of nursing and raising small animals (examples include frog, turtles, kittens, Mickey). 

playing with new brushes, depicting the daily struggle

if you don’t follow Kat and I’s joint tumblr, this is the kinda stuff you might be missing… 

check out The Pocket Collective and check out her page as well, because, oh my gaawwwwwwwd.

i know i don’t usually post my commission and portrait work, but i just loved this one too much. old dudes are the best